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Let’s begin the change in your business

We specialize in design solutions for businesses need at a minimum cost, top quality and maximum speed of change.


We deliver wide range of web solutions, and mobile app based on high technology to help clients drive ROI and deliver delightful end-user experiences.

UI/UX Design

There is nothing better than a beautiful user interface with a seamless user experience.

Digital Marketing

We focuses on growing your business successfully with online marketing services like SEO, Social media, Copywriting, Consulting, and more.


Sustain and grow in competitive industry segments by using paid channels for the business, and attract new customers or re-targeting potential customers quickly

Smart solutions

We are expertise in the smart and IoT field from device to cloud and enterprise applications to big data analytics.

Training courses

We are leaders in training, knowledge and performance improvement, servicing in IT industry sectors.

Build Website and Mobile App

Why Digital Marketing and SEO

Social networks and search engines such as Google Ads provide a unique advertising opportunity with the ability to target specific consumer demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Amal tech will help you identify your target audience and the behaviors and preferences that most define your desired audience segments. We also assist with the creation of ads, budgets, tracking, and ROI on your social media advertising or Google Ads campaign.

Learn At Our

I love their flexibility. Even when my request is too complicated to handle. they could still suggest something useful for me.

Seyma Erocak

/ Manager

"Best out of the best in the online coaching field ..."


by many of our customers, and partner

Excellent guiding instructions. They are all great mentors at life & career

Fannie Moreno

/ Developer

Enjoy Our Companionship

We’ve grown to be a proficient and reliable outsourced IT department for many local businesses in the bayside area of Melbourne extending across Australia.

Why Amal Tech


We’re committed to excellence in everything we do and we won’t accept anything less. Our products are state of the art and constantly evolving as technology evolves. By the time new technology becomes mainstream, we’re certified in it, experienced and ahead of the competition.

Greate Support

We’re open and real so we can be the best support for you and each other. Our Support staffs are qualified personals who are capable of providing great support and ease your problems smoothly and in efficient way, and don’t worry, Managed IT support provided by local technicians who can come to your site when needed.

We are Passionate

We have a good understanding of the changing world of IT and technology, and we really enjoy learning new techniques. Simply, we are passionate about applying best practice to all of our work.

Most importantly, we really enjoy what we do, and hopefully it shows.

Technologies we use

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